Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Twitter

I am on Twitter as stkrause.

There you will find pointers to new blog postings plus smaller bits (interesting quotes, links, and the like) that won’t otherwise get to this blog’s main content.

As a sampler, here are last week’s tweets:

  • “Don’t just write to be understood; write so that you cannot be misunderstood.” — R.L. Stevenson, quoted in http://bit.ly/1Np9B2
  • Does a pier really need this sign? http://bit.ly/1GHHi6 (pic taken in Sorrento, Italy)
  • “[He] was brainy in a way that didn’t quite add up to smart.” — from Stephen Foley’s postmortem of Lehman Bros. http://bit.ly/3bmGNf
  • 3-sentence case study on my Intelligent Cross-Sell group’s impact at Dell UK, featuring the phrase “more than doubled” http://bit.ly/2mmz3O
  • Fantastic book about a true legend: “The Great Siege: Malta 1565” by Ernle Bradford. My review is at http://bit.ly/hk8QL
  • From the warmongering politico in “In the Loop”: “We don’t need any more facts. In the land of truth, the man with one fact is king.”
  • Saw film “In the Loop,” a political satire thick with droll/foul repartee. Think Karl Rove + Groundskeeper Willie. http://bit.ly/QPkzN

Previously I had not done the Twitter thing because I felt it (and, for that matter, Facebook) represented a preliminary phase of social media more akin to AOL/CompuServe/Prodigy than the open, standards-based Web. I was fine waiting out that phase.

However, Twitter has achieved something interesting. For some people, it has become a replacement for feed reading. Where once they used Bloglines or Google Reader to keep up with their favorite blogs, they are now following, and sometimes interacting with, their favorites via Twitter.

I suppose it’s an honor that such people have cared enough to complain that I wasn’t on Twitter, and it doesn’t look like an open alternative is poised to sweep the world soon. So, I’ve decided to go with the tweetstreaming flow. For those on Twitter, I encourage you to follow me and to suggest any favorites you like to follow.

And for those who don’t want to get their own Twitter accounts but still want to see what I’m saying there, just bookmark this page or subscribe to its RSS feed. You can also find my latest five Twitter postings on the right sidebar of this blog.

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