Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Omnivark

Along with taking some time off and doing consulting, I’ve been working on a new project:

Omnivark is a highlight reel for the written word. Each weekday we short-list the best new writing on the Web—the kind of writing that delivers such surprise and delight that you feel bad for not having time to find or read it. ;)

Omnivark creates that time for you. It fits the best stuff into an idle moment on your mobile phone or tablet or computer.

From writers famous to obscure, on topics familiar to foreign, Omnivark curates the well-said for the well-read.

I’ll be explaining more about the motivations and technology behind Omnivark soon. In the meantime, please check it out if you’re so inclined. (And if I may tilt your inclination, see last Friday’s edition, first entry, which you are statistically likely to appreciate.)

You can get Omnivark each weekday free via email, Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.