Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Can You Learn from 40 Million Resumes?

From a New York Times article about, this excerpt describes a few analytical applications—by Monster, for its users—that leverage the company’s massive database of resumes:

Monster has added three features to the site, based on the 40 million résumés it has collected in its nine years in business, that are intended to attract passive seekers.

One presents profiles of jobs, called Career Snapshots. Enter “fire ranger,” and users can review duties (direct crews during forest fires, ensure fire-regulation compliance at campsites); the rate of job growth in the industry from 2006 to 2012 (12.1 percent) and the number of similar jobs posted on Monster (more than 1,000).

The second is called Career Benchmarking. Users enter information about their career, education, salary and benefits and see how they compare with others in their field.

The third is called Career Mapping. Users enter a starting job and an ending job, and Monster plots how other people who have made that transition have done it. To go from nanny to spy, for instance, one suggested path is nanny, to youth behavioral counselor, to probation officer, to police officer, to intelligence analyst/security specialist, to intelligence analyst/imagery.

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