Sunday, May 18, 2008

Intelligent Cross-Sell at Office Depot

At work, we just released a case study that’s a nice progress report for Intelligent Cross-Sell, my group’s main product. The featured customer is Office Depot, which runs one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world at—it’s currently ranked #3 in the Internet Retailer 500, the Fortune 500 of retail e-commerce.

Here’s the main story:

In 2007, Office Depot deployed CNET Channel’s Intelligent Cross-Sell solution to automate and optimize merchandising on its e-commerce site, Doing so caused a doubling of online cross-sell revenue for the multi-channel global retailer. Cross-selling is an important tool that involves recommending accessories to products, such as a memory card with the sale of a digital camera.

One of the keys to success was utilizing Intelligent Cross-Sell’s “guided automation,” which combines merchandisers’ knowledge with the automation and scalability of a recommendation engine. For example, Intelligent Cross-Sell’s point-and-click interface allowed Office Depot merchandisers to target cross-sell opportunities by factors such as key selling features, popularity, compatibility, and brand affinity. Then, Intelligent Cross-Sell executed the rules across millions of possible product combinations. Compared to Office Depot’s previous cross-selling functionality, the result was a significant increase in the number and relevance of accessories offered as cross-sell opportunities across the site. This combination of more and better cross-sells drove the increase of cross-sell revenue.

Needless to say, I’m pleased. In my line of work, results are measurable, and these are the kind of results we like to see.

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