Saturday, March 17, 2007

Misspelling for Profit

I’m not a fan of brand names like this...

...that intentionally misspell words. The stickler in me automatically thinks less of a brand that uses this tactic. But judging by the number of brands that do it, the benefits must outweigh the costs.

For example, if we do an English-only Google search for that classic of commercial misspelling, “kwik,” we get 1,330,000 pages. Gracing the top ten are:

Kwik-Fit“experts in tyres, exhausts, brakes and MoT testing”
KwikGoalportable, quick-to-assemble soccer goals
KWIK·SEW“has over 850 fashion patterns for the entire family”
Kwik Tripconvenience store chain
Kwik-Site“makers of scope mounts for your rifle or shotgun, using a superior grade of aluminum  alloy”
Kwik Kopy“offers franchise opportunity in business office services stores”
Kwikski and snowboard accessories
Ac-U-Kwik“your global resource for aviation information”
Kwik Lok“is to the plastic bag what the screw top cap is to bottled beverages”
Kwik Kerb“continuous concrete curbing and landscape edging”

Maybe it’s just me, but “Kwik Kerb” does not come across as the optimal choice for my continuous concrete curbing and landscape edging needs.

That said, if a product is good enough, I can be won back over.

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