Monday, August 28, 2006

Piracy in Peru

The BBC has an interesting article about piracy (of the intellectual-property type) in Peru, where “the legal music market has collapsed, unable to compete with 98% of all music being sold on the black market.”

A few more excerpts:

More than half of Peru’s economy is made up of unregulated businesses that do not pay tax. More than half the 28 million population lives below the poverty line and simply cannot afford the genuine goods....

150 police officers armed with tear gas and riot control equipment who raided one well-known pirate market in Lima were simply fought off by the well-organised black marketeers.

And finally:

There is a story circulating in Peru, which could well be true, that another Peruvian writer, the popular Jaime Bayly, was waiting at traffic lights when black marketeers offered him a pirate copy of one of his own books.

Recognising the author from the photo on the back cover, the vendor, without even pausing to blush, offered him a discount.

Read the full article here.

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