Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sign Usability: San Francisco Does the Right Thing

Last month, I noticed this road-sign usability issue (4th Street, between Folsom and Harrison in San Francisco):

The sign, which was about three feet behind the pole, points the way toward the local baseball park, AT&T Park, the name of which has changed an average of once every two years since its opening in 2000.

A week later, I saw that the City of San Francisco had moved decisively to improve the sign situation...

...not only making the sign visible but also following the wisdom of the previous sign, which restricted itself to the generic term “Ballpark.”

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  1. Check out the Broadway sign as you're heading north on Franklin... Broadway is a major north/south thoroughfare, with a tunnel that runs under russian hillsouth, the sign is strategically place behind a big bushy tree. Sorry -- no photo.