This blog meets or exceeds your recommended daily allowance of words and numbers about: analytics and numeracy, books, business, technology, design, and writing. It may also contain traces of owl pellets, worm grunting, earmarks, and other pseduorandom topics.

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The Author

Steve Krause has created and managed Internet products since 1994, in the fields of interactive marketing, analytics, and personalization. He co-founded two companies (Personify, ExactChoice), created and led a business within a public company (CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell), and co-founded one of the Internet’s first consumer-research projects (iVALS at SRI International). He is currently SVP Product Management at Responsys. His LinkedIn profile has further professional details.

In prehistoric times, he taught writing, studied composition and engineering of electronic music, got a degree in political science, and co-founded a research project about the future of digital media. Such subjects continue to haunt this blog.

Finally, for those who have not already deduced that this blog is Steve speaking for himself, not for his employer, now you know.